Thursday, July 11, 2013

Collegiate Pastor Search Process

It's been a busy summer, much more so than I expected.  In part since I've been working very carefully and intensely through the search process for an individual who will serve in the collegiate pastor role.

I had intended to blog earlier about it but time slipped by rather fast. So here's an overview of how things are going in that process.

I posted the job on the SBC site back in May, and quickly began to receive resumes.  Now, almost two months later, in excess of 160 resumes have been submitted. The candidates have come from all over the world: some serving currently as missionaries, collegiate pastors, youth pastors, or as senior pastors. There's been a wide variety of educational background including seminary graduates. A good number had doctoral degrees or were in the process of obtaining a D.Min. or Ph.D.

There are a few that have filtered through to a short list of candidates, and have been involved in interviews on Skype or personal visits that I've made.  Three are under closer evaluation and it's my hope that soon we'll be able to have one or more visit with us.  Depending upon the timing of their visit, they will meet with the Leadership Team, ministry staff, and with a number of individuals involved in the collegiate ministry.

I will keep you posted on updates as things move further along.

Dr. Mark