Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to the 'Boro

We got back to Murfreesboro after an overnight flight Friday/Saturday, followed by a short hop from Atlanta to Nashville. Good flights all the way.

It was wonderful being back with Calvary yesterday in the worship service, loved the music and so good to see all of you!

In my sermon I mentioned a couple of things that I'd thought I'd drop in here with the pictures.

The first is of the ladders that we used while working on the dorm. Despite the difference in manufacturing, they were actually quite sturdy - with the exception of when the bolt slipped out of the hinge.  As I mentioned, I was up the ladder about halfway, and ever so slightly reached to sand a spot on the wall. It was just enough of a twist for the ladder to slip it's hinge point.  I felt it collapsing, and there was nothing I could do but flail my arms and ride it to the floor.  All in all I suffered only a scrap on the arm and a goose egg on the back of my head.  I'm thankful that's all.

The second picture was from our last day in BA. Before we went to the airport, Laura Baggett, one of the missionaries, took us downtown to Florida street for a meal and some last minute sightseeing and shopping.  On the street there were people exchanging money and also selling miscellaneous items.  As we walked by one of the sellers, a group members heard a young woman speak in English, saying, "Jesus loves you!"  We quickly stopped and the missionary began talking with her. At one point, in my limited Spanish, I heard her say she wanted to tell us her testimony. She took a step back and began proclaiming the gospel. What an incredible and powerful moment.

In the next blog or so, I'll give an overview of the work of the TBC and Buenos Aires partnership effort.