Thursday, August 15, 2013

Building Relationships is Key!

We returned today to resume scraping and preparing walls.  We've patched a lot of the plaster with a Sheetrock mud-type material. Normal stuff for renovation, and fortunately, it went a lot faster than expected.

But the most important things we accomplished today were bridge building experiences. Around mid morning we paused for a break and were hosted to a Mate' tea conversation time. There's a tradition of brewing and sharing tea that's apparently very common.  At this occasion, we learned about Julio's and Ezequiel's families and their hopes to return to their respective communities to pastor churches there.

Then tonight we attended a seminary choir event where the students are raising funds for a mission trip to the United States. The relationship between the seminary and the mission work here has not been as strong as the missionaries hoped for, so anything we can do to show support and encourage them is helpful.  To do ministry, relationships are key! 

Note below photo of Julio and Ezequiel, two seminary students, who also work in the seminary maintenance department.