Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Basic Training: Following Christ to the Remote Parts of the World

Basic Training: Following Christ to the Remote Parts of the World
Acts 1:8

I. The Methodology of Mission
A. The Biblical Perspective
mission = ministry = service

B. The Biblical Process - from Acts 1:8
1. Power
2. Role
3. Placement

II. The Geographical Commission
A. A Broader Perspective
B. The Gospel Without Borders

III. A Personal Commitment
A.  All  In Service
B.  Every Person A Minister - Every Place A Ministry
C.  Start Here And Go There

Concluding Statements:
1. The Lord is at work among many people in many
2. The People of God are placed positionally in the world to proclaim the Good News
3. Following Jesus doesn't stop at the Church door
4. Every Person Every Where!