Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stand Firm 9: Standing Firm With A Strong Resistance 1-17-2016

Standing Firm With A Strong Resistance: 1 Peter 5:8-10

Keys to Successful Resistance!

I.  Be Controlled by the Spirit

Key Word:  Self-control

II. Be Aware of the Spiritual Dimension

Key Word: Alert

III. Know Your Adversary and Your Advocate

Key Words: Adversary & Prowling
A. The Enemy
1. He is a Roaring Lion - Intimidation
2.  He is a Prowling Lion - Opportunist

B. The Advocate: Jesus!
1. He is a Graceful Savior
2. He is a Powerful Lord
3. He is an Empowering Spirit

IV. Exert Spiritual and Cultural Resistance

Key Word: Resist

A. Turn Away
B. Push Back
C. Proclaim Truth

V. Stand Firm in Faith

Key Word: Stand Firm