Monday, November 22, 2010

Fifteen Points on Thanksgiving!

Based on the sermon yesterday (11-21-10) here are the fifteen points concerning Thanksgiving.

Why Thanks:

Thanks is an expression of confidence in God – He is in control

Thanks raises your perspective above the circumstance

Thanks changes your focus from the bad to the good

Thanks starts an attitude change process in your heart and mind

Thanks creates hope when desperation seems to prevail

Thanks reminds us of God’s goodness and His provision

Thanks helps us prioritize our wants and desires

Thanks is a command – the Lord is a rewarder of those who are obedient

Thanks is His will – that we should be victorious in all situations

Thanks is the melody of the heart song of gratitude

Thanks is a Victory stand over pervasive Greed

Thanks removes personal satisfaction of prideful accumulation

Thanks results in joy for the smallest things as well as the greatest

Thanks infects others with an attitude of spiritual potential

Thanks promotes a spiritual reaction in the lives of others