Monday, December 3, 2012

Youth Pastor Search Update: 12-3-12

Thanksgiving has roared by and now we’re already into December!  It’s going fast…

And so is the Youth Pastor Search.  I’m up to probably 150+ resumes and have looked through each one carefully and prayerfully.  I’ve conducted about 15 or so Skype interviews.  Now I’m in a round of secondary interviews with 6 – 8 candidates.  It’s progressing well!

The next steps include finishing the face to face interviews; then it’s my hope to have one or more visit Calvary and Murfreesboro sometime in the next few weeks or by the end of the year.  This visit will allow the candidates to see the church and know a bit about the city of Murfreesboro.

Continue to pray for the interviews, especially that the candidates get a sense of the great work that has occurred at CBC and the potential that is ahead.