Monday, August 19, 2013

Connected Over 5000 Miles

Jan and I were blessed by the funeral service today for Jim Burns. Though we were over 5000 miles away and so saddened that we couldn't be there to support the family, we watched the service streaming online, and saw clearly that Calvary was surrounding and supporting Alice and her children.  The words that were spoken by Butch and Rusty about their dad was inspirational and affirming of the man that we knew Jim to be.

The picture above is of the funeral service as we watched on my iPad.

It's an amazing thing to be connected, though over such a long distance, through technology such as streaming video or blog sites.  I hope for those who have been able to read some of this blog, that it has given you a glimpse of the work we've been doing in BA.

For today, our goal was to restart the wall prep, begin painting the door jams, and start assembling the bunk beds. This morning I continued to plaster the walls, and at some point in the future (almost certainly as a sermon illustration) I will tell you about the ladder that collapsed while I was working on an upper wall. Jan and I worked together in one room for a while this afternoon putting together two sets of the bunks.  Jan got to use the power drill and we have a picture of it.

One of the highlights this evening was the discover of a Walmart grocery on a cut-through block that we had need seen. It was a little taste of the states.