Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Update

Missed an update yesterday so here's one that overviews the whole weekend...

We finished the work for the week on Friday and then planned to go downtown on Saturday and see a different part of Buenos Aires.  There we saw more of the city and the highlights that people normally associate with BA. The Recoletta is a central market area next to the museums and close to the government offices.  We were able to take a bus around the area and by the President's Pink House - yes, that's what they call it.  We also visited La Boca, another market area known for its colorful buildings.  You can check Jan's blog later for pictures of that area.

Today, we visited and worshiped at another church, one that is desiring a partnership with a church in Tennessee.  They had a small worship band and praise team, and actually utilized one of the songs we are very familiar with - "Lord, You Are Good."  Though, of course, it was in Spanish.

A second trip to La Boca today was profitable in that the missionaries continued to make contacts with their friends there who work in the market.  The missionaries lead a bible study on Wednesday mornings around 10:00 am.  Once again, we've seen that the work centers around building relationships.

I'm inserting below a picture from Saturday at one of the bus stops.  This is the well known site of the mechanical flower.  It opens and closes each day.