Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sermon Series Conclusion and Smart Phone App for Sermon Notes

I’ll conclude the sermon series this week from Galatians 5 – with an emphasis on the last item on the list: self-control.  I imagine that we all need to work on this area, and fortunately, we have the resources and power of the Spirit to help us in the process of conquering those parts of our lives that come up short. 

A unique feature that we’re starting this Sunday is to make the sermon notes and scriptures available for those who have smartphones – such as the blackberry, iphone, android, palm pre, or other versions of web capable devices.  We know that many people today use their smart phones as a way of reading along with the scripture exposition.  So, you can now use the YouVersion bible app from your market and through the “live” feature on the app, you can select Calvary Baptist in this zip code and the sermon notes and scriptures will be downloaded on your phone.  It’s a great tool that we’re going to try for a few months to see if there’s sufficient interest. Let us know what you think.

If your phone market doesn’t seem to have this app, you can go to and it will point you to the correct location.  It’s also known as the LifeChurch Bible.