Thursday, December 13, 2012

Calvary's New Youth Pastor

Great news on the search process!  The Leadership Team has offered the Youth Pastor Position to Brandon Crews and he has accepted.

It's been an intense process and to bring you up to speed, here's a a synopsis of how things developed.  All together, there were probably over 150 resumes - with an amazing level of qualifications and experiences. Of the 150, questionnaires were sent to 20 or so, and from those responses I conducted almost 20 Skype interviews.  Then began a second round which included some face to face meetings and when not possible, further Skype interviews.  There were 6-8 candidates that surfaced as top tier possibilities - and of those, three began to emerge as the closest matches and strongest candidates for us.  Among that group, it appeared that Brandon and Lauren were the couple that we wanted to bring on site, first.  So, that's why they were with us this past weekend.

We exposed Brandon and Lauren to as many people or groups as possible, including the teaching time on Sunday morning with the youth, the Leadership Team and the Disciple Now Team.  We, the Leadership Team, began to hear strong comments from the youth and adults. We felt there was something of significance developing. We also learned there time constraints for Brandon and Lauren that prompted us to slightly accelerate our consideration of them. In fact, a church in Texas was actively pursuing them, and they were to visit that Church this weekend in view of a call.

Due to the overwhelming response of the youth and adults, and our own observations and conversations with them, the Leadership Team felt very strong in our direction and confident in moving forward.  Thus we offered the position to them and after prayerful consideration, they accepted.

Brandon and Lauren will be with us again this weekend and will be making housing arrangements. It's their hope to move to Murfreesboro the week after Christmas.

They have communicated their excitement to us about beginning this new journey.  Be in prayer for them as they begin to make the necessary arrangements and preparations to move here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Potential Youth Pastor Candidate To Visit Calvary This Weekend

A quick note to let you know that due to significant conversations, and scheduling opportunities, we will have one of our potential candidates in town this weekend.  Brandon and Lauren Crews will be our guests for Sunday morning and afternoon.  They are currently living in Graceville, Florida where he graduates today from the Baptist College of Florida with a degree in Christian Studies. Lauren is an elementary school teacher.

The tentative schedule includes his participation in youth Sunday School, where he will be teaching, followed by a short question and answer time. 

Please help me spread the word and encourage our youth to be present for Sunday morning.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Youth Pastor Search Update: 12-3-12

Thanksgiving has roared by and now we’re already into December!  It’s going fast…

And so is the Youth Pastor Search.  I’m up to probably 150+ resumes and have looked through each one carefully and prayerfully.  I’ve conducted about 15 or so Skype interviews.  Now I’m in a round of secondary interviews with 6 – 8 candidates.  It’s progressing well!

The next steps include finishing the face to face interviews; then it’s my hope to have one or more visit Calvary and Murfreesboro sometime in the next few weeks or by the end of the year.  This visit will allow the candidates to see the church and know a bit about the city of Murfreesboro.

Continue to pray for the interviews, especially that the candidates get a sense of the great work that has occurred at CBC and the potential that is ahead.