Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Children's Ministry Update

The Leadership Team has been pleased with the developments and rebuilding of the Children's Ministry under Cindy Roycroft's leadership.  Due to the healthiness of the transition period in our children's ministry, and believing that a longer transition is best for the overall program, we have asked Cindy Roycroft, who has served as the Interim Children's Minister, to continue for a longer term as the Children's Minister. To supplement Cindy's part-time role, and to fulfill the larger children's ministry needs, we have asked Robyn Griffith to also serve as Associate Children's Director. Robyn will continue as part-time Ministry Assistant in addition to the increased responsibilities in the Children's area.  

We sense that this direction allows the ministry to continue to build and, with continuity of leadership for an longer term, it will provide for a comprehensive vision and team structure to be put in place.

We ask our church family to pray for Cindy, Robyn, and the children's ministry as we are already seeing the fruitfulness of their work.

Dr. Mark