Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Future Intention of the Lord

The concluding part of the New Year Sermon Series from Isaiah 48.

First: God has a New Word for you: the Lord’s word to you is always fresh and invigorating.

 Second: God has a Unique Word for you: His word to you is specific.

Third: God has a Useful Word for you:  His word to you, while important for you, always benefits his larger kingdom purpose and the greater body of Christ.

Fourth: God has a Timely Word for you:  He is always in-Time and On-Time. His Timing and Opportunity followed by Our Obedience leads to Kingdom Fulfillment 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Former Involvement of God

In the sermon this past Sunday, I addressed a theme from Isaiah 48 which reminded us that God has been active in our past.  I’m posting here the seven conclusions of the sermon.

1.  A review of our history verifies God has been involved in our journey.

2. The Lord has invested in our past to give us promise for the future.

3.  The incidents of our lives are not coincidental; they are caused by our choices or orchestrated by God.

4. The circumstances we have experienced are not wasted; they contribute to our spiritual character in Christ.

5. The missteps we make do not negate our future.

6. God’s intervention has saved us from unknown results.

7. Thankfully, God is at work in our lives – past, present, and future.