Monday, February 12, 2018

New Leadership Team Members for Calvary - 2018

This year at our annual business meeting (March 4, 2018) we will present for approval two new Leadership Team members.  The meeting will be at 10:10 am in the sanctuary.

The new members to be elected are:

Keith Young:  Keith and his wife Kim have been members since June of 2010 and they are very active in Calvary's Worship Ministry where they both sing on the praise team and in the choir.  Keith also has been a Sunday School teacher at Calvary for many years, currently leading the "Young" class which is one of our groups meeting in the sanctuary.  Keith and Kim have also been strong supporters of the college and young-adult ministries.  He has previously served on the Leadership Team and rotated off in March of 2017.  He is an assistant principal at Stewarts Creek Middle School. They have three children, Eli, Cy, and Wyatt, who have been a part of Calvary's ministry.

Dan Troup: Dan and his wife Liz have been members of Calvary since June of 2000, and have served in support roles in many ways over the years.  Most recently Dan and Liz have served in the Living Nativity Ministry and Dan's servant's heart has led him to  be involved in the set-up team's ministry of preparing the sanctuary for Wednesday night meals and for other functions.  Dan works at MTSU and is the Manager of the Crops Unit.  They have two children, Ethan and Kate, who have been a part of Calvary's ministry.