Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stand Firm 9: Standing Firm With A Strong Resistance 1-17-2016

Standing Firm With A Strong Resistance: 1 Peter 5:8-10

Keys to Successful Resistance!

I.  Be Controlled by the Spirit

Key Word:  Self-control

II. Be Aware of the Spiritual Dimension

Key Word: Alert

III. Know Your Adversary and Your Advocate

Key Words: Adversary & Prowling
A. The Enemy
1. He is a Roaring Lion - Intimidation
2.  He is a Prowling Lion - Opportunist

B. The Advocate: Jesus!
1. He is a Graceful Savior
2. He is a Powerful Lord
3. He is an Empowering Spirit

IV. Exert Spiritual and Cultural Resistance

Key Word: Resist

A. Turn Away
B. Push Back
C. Proclaim Truth

V. Stand Firm in Faith

Key Word: Stand Firm

Stand Firm 8: Stand Firm the Lord is Near 1-3-2016

Sermon Title: Stand Firm, The Lord is Near
Scripture: James 5:7-9

I. Stand Firm with Patience

A. Trust in His Timing
B. Trust in His Sovereignty
C. Trust in HIs Concluding Work

II. Stand Firm In His Return

A. Live Like His Return is Near

1. Patience in difficulty
2. Perseverance in Suffering
3. Persistence in Love
4. Passion for His Word
5. Perpetuate Godly Characteristics

B. Proclaim that Judgment is Imminent

Stand Firm 7: Standing Firm in His Teaching and His Will 12-27-2015

Sermon Title: Standing Firm in His Teaching and Will
Scriptures: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17; Colossians 4:12

I. Stand Firm in His Teaching: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

A. Saved by the Sanctifying Work  vs. 13
B. Sharing in the Gospel vs. 14
C. Standing on the Teaching vs. 15
D. Strengthening for Good Deeds and Words  vss. 16-17

II. Standing in the Will of the Lord Colossians 4:12

A. The Initiation of His Will
B. The Indications of His Will

1. Maturity
2. Assurance

Christmas Series 2015: The Giver, The Gift, The Gathering Part 2: The Gift

Christmas Series: The Giver, Gift, Gathering, Glow
1 John 3:1  -  The Gift

I. The Father Presents The Gift

II. The Son and the Gift
A. The Person - Romans 5:15-17
B. The Purpose - Romans 6:23, John 1:12-13
C. The Provision of Grace - Romans 5:15-17
D. The Provision of Righteousness - Romans 5:15-17

III. The Son Who Gives Freely
A.  He Freely Gave of His Life  Ephesians 5:2
B.  He Brings  a Full Ransom  Matthew 20:28
C.  He Serves as Mediator  1 Timothy 2:6

D. He Cleanses Our Conscience  Hebrew 9:14

Christmas Series 2015: The Giver, The Gift, The Gathering Part 1: The Giver

Sermon Brief: December 6, 2015
Sermon Title: The Giver - 1 John 3:1
Series: Giver, Gift, Gathering

The Father Heart of God

A. How Great a Love - 1 John 3:1
B. A Complete and Perfect Love - 1 John 4:16-18
C. An Enduring Love - Psalm 136

II. The Father's Plan for Salvation

A. The Profile - Titus 3:1-7
B. The Mission of Israel

1. Isaiah 60:1-3
2. Isaiah 49:6
3. Isaiah 9:1-7

C. The Gospel for All - John 3:16

III. The Father's Word - Prophecy Fulfilled

A. The Sign of the Son - Isaiah 7:14 
B. The Child of Peace - Isaiah 9:6-7
C. The Coming of the King - Zechariah 9:9

D. The Man of Sorrow - Isaiah 52:13- 53:1

Stand Firm 6: Stand Firm in the Lord 11-29-15 (Part 2)


Stand Firm in the Lord - Part 2 Phil 4:1

Stand Firm:

I. With Agreement In The Lord   4:2-3

II. To Rejoice In The Lord Always  4:4

III. Let Your Gentleness Be Evident  4:5

IV. By Overcoming Anxiety  4:6-7

V. In The Focal Character Traits  4:8-9

Stand Firm 5: Stand Firm in the Lord 11-22-15 (Part 1)

Stand Firm 5: Stand Firm in the Lord
Philippians 4:1

I. Therefore Stand Firm (Part 1)

A. With Joy in the Lord  3:1

B. Have Spiritual Discernment 3:2

C. Put No Confidence in the Flesh 3:3-6

D. Consider, Compare, and Know Christ 3:7-11

E. Forget the Past, and Press to the Future 3:12-16