Thursday, December 1, 2011

Financial Update from Leadership Team

As we transition from November into December, we reach that point in the year where the Leadership Team begins working on the budget for next year, 2012.  Truly, the economy has had an impact on us.  We know it’s been a tough year financially for our families – and that has been reflected in our giving trends this year.  The cycle of contributions at Calvary is usually fairly consistent, with normal giving in the first five months, then weaker through the summer followed by a slight pick up in the Fall.  December is typically our best month, as people catch up or make year end donations.

This year, as sometimes happens, receipts are lagging behind expenses. We’re approximately $100,000 behind, which represents approximately %10 of our budget. In previous years, a strong December has caught us up and we’ve broken even, or come close. We need to do the same this year. This will help us plan for next year.

We’ve been good stewards with budget planning and with expenses. For the last two years, we’ve basically frozen the budget and made only the necessary adjustments while keeping the total amount steady. The danger is that as fixed costs such as utilities go up, we have to cut other areas to keep the budget in line. This inhibits growth and future planning for ministries.

Prayerfully consider your contributions in December, and let’s make this a December that not only allows us to catch up but to plan ahead.