Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Life Hacks: A Study in Psalms Survive Psalm 1

Life Hacks:  Psalm 1
Keyword: Survive
(sermon preached on 2-5-2017)

In the context of Psalm 1, the themes are:
1. Surviving temptation and the pull of a wayward world
2. Surviving scoffing and seasons of doubt
3. Surviving beyond circumstances by remaining planted in Him
4. Surviving by flourishing in your spiritual relationships and ministry
5. Surviving by the Lord's provenance in our lives

I.  Blessed is the Person vs 1
A. Regarding Poor Counsel
B. Regarding Appropriate Manner
C. Regarding Indecisiveness or Doubt

II. The Position of Such a Righteous Person vss 2-3
A. Regarding the Word
B. Regarding A Spiritual Aptitude
C. Regarding Spiritual Roots

III. The Disposition of Such an Unrighteous Person vss 4-5
A. Inability to Discern Truth
B. Inability to survive judgment
C. Inability to experience truth in community

IV. The Destination vs 6
A. The Provenance
B. The Punishment

Conclusions - We survive:
1. When we choose His option over the world's offer
2. When we immerse ourselves in His frame of reference rather than the world's point of view
3. When we trust His plan even when circumstances seem contrary to His purpose
4. When we refuse to give up, and commit to the end point in Him
5. When we fall down, we get back up - because His grace supersedes our failures