Sunday, January 29, 2017

Life Hacks: A Study in Psalms Better 1-29-17

Sermon Notes: 1-29-17
Life Hacks: A Study in Psalms
Key Word: Better

Scriptures: Psalm 37:16-19, 84:10, 118:8-9, 63:1-5
Note: See below for six conclusions.

I. Better: is Little than Much -  Psalm 37:16-19

A. Experience Contentment - Phil 4:11-13, Heb 13:5

B. Pursue Godliness - Phil 6:6-8, 1 Tim 4:7-8

C. Have Integrity - Prov 11:3

II. Better: is Serving than Being Served - Psalm 84:10

A. Servanthood and Worship
-  Better to Be Like Him  - John 12:26
- Better to serve others  - Mark 9:35,  Luke 22:26
- Better to Serve as Worship - Romans 12:1-2 
B. Selection of Yahweh for Life

- Better to be the doorkeeper 
- Better to live in a manner worthy of the Lord. 

III. Better: is the Refuge of the Lord - Psalm 118:8-9

A. Where do We Retreat?
B. Who do we Trust?

IV. Better: is His Love than Life Itself  - Psalm 63:1-5

A. First Love - Mt 22:36-37
B. First Priority - Mt 6:33.
C. Above All - Psalm 95:3, Phil 2:9-11


1. 2017 will be better not because we set expectations lower, but we set them more clearly regarding purposeful decisions, and in line with God's agenda and purpose.

2.Contentment in Christ tames the fleshly yearn for things, yet it cause the spiritual flame to burn more brightly as we understand the true and real value of knowing Him and pursuing His kingdom.

3. A life well lived is one in which right choices have been made and right directions have been followed.

4. Your destination is often determined by the people you journey with.

5. Being available to the Lord likened to being the doorkeeper who stands instantly ready to serve the Master.

6. What you hope "better for" may determine the "how you get there." That's why it's important to hope for the right things.